Sunday, January 8, 2012

Beach Bums

Today was a AMAZING day!!

Joey had a few items to drop off at a customers house at the beach so what a great oppurtunity to surprise the kids with a trip to the beach.

We started the day with church and headed straight to Oceanside. With a hour long pitstop at the river where we wrote our name in the sand and watched the waterfall. Brycen led the way looping us on a hike that lasted twice as long as it should have but he had fun being in charge. Makayla has already formed into a very independant little girl who was about 3 minutes behind with me refusing any help climbing up and over rocks or under branches. She would throw her hands to the side and tell me in a very Makayla tone " I am a Big girl and I can do it" After I asked her a few times you could tell she was tired of the question so when Daddy asked her reaction was kinda funny as she grunted and repeated her self.

Next stop was Oceanside I have never been to Cape Lookout or the Octopus tree so Joey and the boys (who have been on their boys trip) were eager to show me the trails leading to the light house an the Giant Octopus tree. Kyle was walking holding my hand and he looked at me and told me "This is the greatest day for the family ever!" Lucas enjoyed his first trip to the beach as well, the kids found trail after trail to stroll on and hide behind trees to jump out and scare us. Brycen has become a great adventure dragging his reluctant brother along for  the ride.

Makayla soon after reaching the Octopus tree wanted to sit and relax, holding Luke's collar she sat pretending to fish for 15 minutes well the boys ran around, she eventually caught a "Baby whopper" aka a make believe baby big fish. She proceed to show off her great catch and then placed it ever so gently in her pocket. She talked to the fish all the way back to the car and the drive to the beach were she informed us she was going to release her newly found friend into the big ocean. But not before she built a house for it.

The beach was so beautiful and warm for January we walked bare footed around chasing waves and playing with Lucas who had no idea what to do with the wide open space and all the pups to play with. Joey and I stood and watched him as he sprinted away from us straight for the water and looped back around to us a fee minutes later.

Brycen and Kyle I think had a game of who could get the wettest the fastest and Brycen won running straight into the waves and came out hold up his jeans that now weigh three times as much laughing and Kyle soon after followed. We walked up and down the beach and just relaxed. The down fall of the beach Kyle lost his favorite Kyle Busch car  thankfully for Ebay a new one is already on the way.

At the end of the day the worries of the world washed away and I have wonderful memories that I shared with my amazing family

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Braids and what they mean to me

The braid.. a simple thing every little girl loves to have done to her hair, I have been trying to self teach how to french braid Makayla's hair. Everyday after bath I sit her down and brush and braid her hair all I can think of when doing this is what a special moment and savor every last second. I hope she remebers these moments forever. When I was younger after my Dad would wash my hair and play "Shampoo Man" lol (few will understand this) he tried to make it fun since I hated water in my face, I would sit in front of him and he would braid my hair in how ever many braids I wanted. I love thinking about the small simple thing of your daddy braiding your hair and hope that when Makayla has a little girl of her own that she will think back and love the moment as much as I do.

Its a true statment when the simple joys in life dont cost a thing but a few minutes that melt your heart and last forever. Money cant buy you happiness the love of a family and moments like these is what I live for

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lesson Learned

For the past week I have gritted my teeth and dealt with the tornado of toys, clothes, and junk piling in Brycen and Kyle's bedroom. Everyday I have given them the choice of responisbility and the chance to clean their room, they have hesitated picked up a few things here and there but keep putting it off and I know why! They know I will do it I want to clear out their room and throw things away anyways, I made the mistake of telling them this, so today I wanted to vacum and actually see their floor so I being the great mom I am I loaded their beds with every toy, book, and item of clothing I found on their floor. So we shall see if their motivation changes once they relieze sleeping in their beds will come at the cost of cleaning their room:)
To be Continued.....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Biblical Mommy advice needed

Although I am the one in my family that usually gets phone calls asking for parenting advise since I had the first couple kiddos in the family. Now I need to call on other Mom's that have been doing this longer then me
So for all of you experienced mom's out there help..

I am struggling with the following situations and just need some Godly Mommy Advice.

1.How can I biblically teach my children that their wants should be Godly ones and not ones of this world..
 Kids will be kids I know but the lingering questions or shriek of excitement over every new toy that comes out gets old after awhile and the continued want for more when their rooms are flooded with toys even after I did a big clean out.

2. How can I get Brycen to stick up for his little brother? Kyle stands up to anyone and everyone if they are hurting his big brother but, Brycen is just very reserved and I find that he will join in with friends and leave his brother out of activities even if it means his brother is brought to tears about a situation, and how do I get the kids that he is playing with to understand this as well when parenting is so different from family to family

3. The final questions is about the boys again, both prayed at Church asking Jesus into their hearts, *sigh* makes my heart melt and I don't doubt that they love Jesus but how do I know that they really understand it?

 I just want to put my kids in a bubble let them obey and understand everything and to never get hurt. I know I cant do that so any help on these questions would be awesome Thanks

Monday, March 14, 2011

Being an Auntie Rocks

I love being a mom to my 3 awesome kids but there are 5 other little munchkins that hold a special place in my heart God formed just for them..

Garrett aka G-Man my little Hockey playing,  potato picking oldest nephew from Maine.. you think I slur my R'r when I talk you should chat with him I love his little accent only a Maine boy can have:) He is sweet and gentle Like his dad but I think has a streak of my sister in him. I dream of hanging out with him at the lake in Maine and taking him to get Milkshakes at Houlton Farms Dairy.

Jacob My Monster Truck Rallying nephew who live in the Sun in AZ.. The boy with the one liners and greatest sense of humor, Some of the things he says make you stop and think how in the world did he come up with that. I loved getting the chance to have some one on one time with him last Summer such a great opportunity that I treasure. He is a tough kid who can turn T-ball into a contact sport my guess is no one will mess with him I expect him to tower over me when he is 16.

Emily My first little niece I cant believe she just turned 1 I am determined that she learns my name and one of these days she will say it and I will stand there shocked.. She has the greatest laugh and it doesn't take much to get a smile, she is a smart little girl with a great vocabulary already. She is the only one that lives close enough to me so I can watch her grow.

Lily Jo my adorable niece and little sister to Jacob. She is a beautiful little girl who has conquered the world at a young age. She has proven to us everyday that she is a fighter, and her smile tells us that we can be too. She turned 1 the other day to so crazy that all these babies are growing so fast. Before we know it she will be running around getting into everything and trying to keep up with Jake.

Baby "Sam" who has yet to grace us with his presence spends his days growing and kicking his Mommy Val's rib cage. He may not be here yet but I know he will be a tanned California surfer boy who is an incredible baseball player that one day will be playing for the New York Yankees taking his favorite Auntie Jill to his games..

Friday, March 11, 2011

Simple Things in Life

So first off I want to say everyone should be praying for all those effected by the Earthquake in Japan so sad watching the scenes of building and cars being swept away by the water only make me wonder how many people were in those homes that may never be found.. My heart is breaking!!

So a simple thing that I am thankful for today is

My Dad being here

He has watched my kids out front so I could relax, He right now is at the park with the boys for an hour and to top it all off he is making his famous Tacos for dinner and Pancakes for breakfast.. Life is full of little things we take for granted this is one I am not today I got some paperwork done, a peaceful shower, and food I didn't have to make:)

The Next Simple thing I wish I had was..

Humpty Dumpty BBQ Chips (mom I know you read this) hopefully you get the suttle hint:) The only place to buy the best chips in the World is Maine and a few select stores in NH which means my one and only food group I cant live with out lies in the hands of my family boxing them up and shipping them to me.. People might think I am crazy but if you have had the rare chance of eating these chips you would agree that no others even come close to comparing..

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 11 My favorite Bible Verse

So no matter the trials before me, the happiness I have, the peace I receive there is a bible verse that seems to always give me that simple reminder of what God's plan is for my life and He seems to always speak through this one verse. I plan on getting a tattoo containing this verse.

Philippians 1:6
being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Jesus Christ.